COVID Precautions

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We are pleased to be able to offer virtual meetings instead of initially meeting in your home to discuss your project.  With your help in taking photographs and measurements we are able to generate at least preliminary estimates for the work you wish completed.

Once we begin working in your home, we will limit our staff to the fewest needed to complete the various phases of your project.  All of our workers and subcontractors are tested regularlyWe also keep a daily log of all people who enter the project site, take their temperature upon arrival and maintain a central sanitizing area.  All surfaces touched by our workers are sanitized upon completion or at the end of each day if the work in the area is ongoing.  We also use large HEPA filtration systems, with a negative draft to the building exterior, so no air in the construction area can migrate to other areas of your home.  We have been doing this for years to minimize the spread of dust but it works equally as well for any other types of airborne particles.

Your health, the health of your neighbors and our workers is paramount to us.